[ANNOUNCE] FIAIF version 1.5.0-1

Rémi Denis-Courmont email hidden
Sat Jan 4 19:20:08 CET 2003

Le Samedi 4 Janvier 2003 14:20, vous avez écrit :
>    > > '/etc/rc.d/init.d/fiaif start' to start fiaif.
>    > > /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.14338: line 1: fg: no job control
>    > > error: %preun(fiaif-1.5.1-2) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
>    > > /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.14338: line 1: fg: no job control
>    > > error: %preun(fiaif-1.5.1-3) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
>    Hmm, don't you -sometime- get that error when you login?
>    It means your shell's job control is disabled (can't use Ctrl+C to
>    interrupt or Ctrl+Z to stop a process). The solution is usually to
>    downgrade your util-linux RPM package version.
>    No warranty, though.
> Hmm - actually: no. never.

I didn't want to offense anyone. If you can use fiaif, then you most 
likely know what job control is. I'm saying that because there have 
been some problem with "no job control in this shell" on RH and Mdk in 
the past (just try this on GoogleGroups...), and this happened to me as 
well, as I updated util-linux on Mandrake 8.1. It solved as soon as I 

> So, if you trust that I actually am knowledgable of this, then that
> isn't the answer.

Well, you should be right.

>    Anyway, I doubt this is actually related to fiaif at all.

> It only _ever_ happens when addressing the rpm for fiaif. Really -
> I've been using Redhat since version 4, and (SunOs since version
> 4.1.3 - just to date myself, fwiw) - this is the first time I've seen
> this.

Maybe it's a fiaif issue. But the fact that the error is on 'line 1' 
tackles me a bit.

> My desktop at home, and at work is RH - 8 at home, 7.3 at work - I
> don't use windows unless I need to (a rarity).
> Not to get into a pissing match about who's the bigger unix geek -
> really - just trying to establish a background for my report.

I have no doubt you're an experienced Unix user. Probably more than I 
am, btw. Well, let's stop there about this.

> Further, as I noted, this didn't happen with the 1.4.x fiaif rpm,
> only the 1.5.x versions (since some changes to address Mandrake were
> made, fwiw - that seems to be the only thing I recall in the
> changelog as pertinent).

I submitted a diff against fiaif.spec so that it could be built on 
Mandrake, but it doesn't affect the preinstallation script (nor the 
installation script, btw) - don't know if it was merged. Then, there's 
Anders's own implementation of the subsys lock for Fiaif, it is 
included since 1.5.0-1 IIRC.
Further Mandrake adaptions were not merged into Fiaif main tree.

> :-)

> - bill

Rémi Denis-Courmont
<rdenis at simphalempin.com>

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