[ANNOUNCE] FIAIF version 1.5.0-1

Anders Fugmann email hidden
Sat Jan 4 20:11:07 CET 2003

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le Samedi 4 Janvier 2003 15:05, Anders Fugmann a écrit :
>>Ok. I guess this has something to do with the '%_preun_service fiaif'
>>line, as this is the biggest change from 1.4.5 -> 1.5.0. I have put
>>up a new version (1.5.2-0pre4), which remove the usage of
>>%_preun_service. Please test - I guess that you will still see the
>>error on the old package when upgrading, but then all should be in

> OOPS. I didn't know big parts of the Mandrake adaptations were merged 
> into the main RPM spec. Please disregard the corresponding section in 
> my previous message. Really sorry.
My fault. I read the documentation of Mandrake RPM, and wrongly assumed 
that Mandrake and Redhat used the same code base for RPM (which seems to 
be utopia - two seperate distributions using that same standards).

> BTW, does anyone know a good source of informations about RedHat modern 
> RPM specs. 'Maximum RPM' seems rather out-of-date. ?
I would really like that too. I had never thought I should dig so deep 
into RPM package creation.

Anyways, I'm glad that my mistake was found and solved.
Rémi - could you verify that the rpm builds nicely on
mandrake (srpms are now available from http://fugmann.dhs.org/dist/[beta/]

Anders Fugmann

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