[ANNOUNCE] FIAIF version 1.6.0-1

Anders Fugmann email hidden
Sun Jan 12 16:56:19 CET 2003

Stable version 1.6.0-1 is available from:

*** NOTE ***
In this version, the syntax for INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD, MARK and 
REDIRECT rules has changed. When the protocol is "ALL" or "IGMP", no 
port specification must be present. Also the ip=>ip syntax in these 
rules has been made mandatory. Running 'fiaif test' will inform about 

This version includes a bug fix for traffic-shaping, which prevented
traffic-shaping from being started. Solving of IP's in fiaif-scan has
been re-enabled using the 'dig' command from dns-utils package. The
port argument is not only required when protocol specification is tcp,
udp or icmp (for which a icmp type is required).

It is recommended that all users of FIAIF upgrade, as backward 
compability with old rules (and printed warnings) may dissaper in future 

Changelog for 1.6.0-1:
   * Stop processing of rules, if user is not root.
   * Make owner of all state-files root:root
   * Delete temporary file when cleaning up rules
   * Reenable ip solving in fiaif-scan
   * Make traffic shaping work again
   * If protocol is ALL, then accept no port argument in FORWARD, INPUT
     and OUTPUT, MARK and LIMIT rules
   * Cleanup functions
   * Update manpage for zone.conf
   * autoupdate VERSION and fiaif.spec from version contained in

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