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Sun Jan 19 23:27:50 CET 2003

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On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 06:20:45PM +0100, Anders Fugmann wrote:
> Looking into the diff for FIAIF, I see that you upgrade to debian 
> standards version, and depend on debconf >= 1.2.9.
Yup, but these are unstable-only changes.

> I guess this means that FIAIF cannot be installed on debian stable, 
> which is rather unfortunate, as some of the users of FIAIF installs it 
> on debian-stable. 
In my unofficial package pool I don't support stable, only the current
Debian unstable aka 'sid'. If users want it for stable, they have to
build their own package.

> Is it a requirement for a package to conform with 
> standards to go into debian-unstable?
Not a strict one, but new packages should have the newest standard.

> Btw. Is this the first step towards getting FIAIF into debian unstable?
Perhaps I will put it into unstable, but only after some
testing. I ripped the traffic shaping scripts from fiaif half a year
ago for my own firewall. Now I noticed that there is a debian/
subdir and wanted to give it a try. In 2-3 weeks I will know what to
do ;)

Cheers, Bastian

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