logging, hosting etc..

William Hamilton email hidden
Mon Jan 27 04:17:08 CET 2003

Hi all.  I am looking to start using FIAIF for our firewall.  We are
moving offices and have been asked to allow access by a couple of people
on the same floor and also house a couple of servers..   Need have
changed from our current situation. 

Question:  Is FIAIF a suitable product for the following.

Need to log traffic usage for each machine/interface or subnet.

Situation we have is  we have good highspeed Net connection, where three
other parties wish to share. We need to know their taffic volumes to
charge them  We have also been asked to host a couple of server too. 
Logging is a biggie and if anyone can suggest a layout or design we
would be grateful.

What reporting tool is recommended?  Does mrtg work with FIAIF?



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