Feature request ...

Anders Fugmann email hidden
Sun Feb 23 22:39:19 CET 2003

C.Lee Taylor wrote:
> Greetings ...
>     A little wish list item while you are working them late nights ...
>     Could we setup some sort of debug, but for zones ... let me give you 
> and idea what I am getting at ...
>     I would like to use FIAIF on my system, but I have a comlpex setup ( 
> at least from my point it is ).  I have kept putting off using FIAIF 
> because I can't seem to setup my zones and FIAIF correctly without 
> killing my network.
>     I would like to setup my EXT zone and put in place ... and then be 
> able to debug my other zones, and what would be kewl, is if I could put 
> a debug option in my zone so that I could work with it, without loosing 
> access to the system, but all keeping my EXT zone working and active ...
>     I hope I have made sense?
You do. It sounds like a good feature to have. I will examine the 
possibility, but it may not appear right away as FIAIF currently is not 
geared for this.

Anders Fugmann

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