interface aliases

Anders Fugmann email hidden
Fri Mar 14 22:32:40 CET 2003

Ed McMan wrote:
> Is it possible to use an interface alias (eg eth0:1)?  The script does
> not like the : in the variable.  My ext interface is eth0, and the int
> interface is eth0:0.  I know, I should just go buy another nic, but it's
> working fine with an ipchains script.  I imagine it should work in
> iptables too.  Is there any easy way to get around this in the script?

Not really. You must specify a real interface (e.g. eth0). FIAIF will 
only allow multible zones for an interface when all zones for the said 
interface are non global (and you need a global zone for you internet 
connection). I do not believe that ipchains would accept interface 
aliases. Iptables cirtanly does not.

You should really buy another NIC. Routing from and to the same physical 
network is really bad and should be avoided.

Anders Fugmann

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