Enable filesharing for one box

Anders Fugmann email hidden
Wed Mar 19 16:52:04 CET 2003

Stephan Menzel wrote:
> Hello,
> i'm using fiaif for a very small home network with xDSL dialup connection on my Redhat 8.0. The net simply looks like this:
>                      __________
>     internet - ppp0 |          |
>    -----------------| Firewall |----eth0(
>       (a.b.c.d)     |__________|
> I am using mostly default configuration, accepting from EXT only ssh and everything works fine. But now i want to enable file sharing for one of the LAN clients. Using mldonkey, i think i have to route 4661 and 4662.
> Is this possible? Can anyone give me a clue? I know, this might be a problem for some, but i want to learn and so i will try to get this working.

I have no direct experience with mldonkey, but on their homepage i found 
that you need to forward tcp/4662 and udp/4666 in order for clients on 
the internet to connect and retrive files from your machine.

In fiaif, this is accomplished by entering REDIRECT rules in the zone 
for your internet connection (normally the EXT zone). To forward to a 
machine with ip address (replace with the actual ip 
address), add the following lines to zone.ext:


And allow these packets to enter the internal zone by inserting the 
following FORWARD rules to zone.int (assuming this covers the network):

FORWARD[0]="EXT ACCEPT tcp 4662>"
FORWARD[1]="EXT ACCEPT udp 4666>"

> I am using the most recent customized Redhat kernel 2.4.18-28-8.0
> iptables 1.2.6a
> Thank you very much in advance...
> Stephan
Anders Fugmann

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