Routing mystery

Tim email hidden
Tue Sep 2 11:06:05 CEST 2003

Hello again.

I run the zebra router (zebra + ripd) together with Fiaif and kernel routing tables. In the supplied fiaif conf file there was a reference to extra net This led to the zebra router constantly trying to contact via the internal routing port 520 on eth1. When I got rid of this in the file zebra stoped trying to reach via eth1. But now zebra (ripd) tries to reach it on eth0 (ext) creating a FIAIF_DROP on port 520. I have tried to flush everything from zebra (ripd) but everytime Fiaif and zebra is started together zebra tries to contact So the question is, is referenced some other place in Fiaif? I have tried to look but can't find anything. So this is a mystery to me!

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